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Algemene voorwaarden en privacyverklaring

As member of UnScared you agree with the terms & conditions and privacy policy of UnScared and the privacy policy of SportBit manager. Check regularly for new versions. Pay attention to the publication date. We will do our best to announce changes separately.

UnScared Privacy Policy

General information
This is the privacy policy of UnScared v.o.f., a company with address at Vaartsestraat 35, 3511 TA
Utrecht, the Netherlands and registered with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under
number: 61632201 (“UnScared”).

Why do we have a privacy statement?
If you are a client or want to become a client at UnScared, buy tickets for and/or participate in events
organised by UnScared, visit the UnScared premises or the UnScared website
(, use the UnScared application on your phone or tablet, communicate
with UnScared by email, online, through social media or in any other way, UnScared will process
certain personal information from you. Our goal is to be transparent about the processing of your
personal information and that is why UnScared has this privacy policy in place. UnScared processes
personal data in a manner that is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)
and other current privacy legislation.

What personal data do we collect?
UnScared collects the following data you provide us with directly:

Website and application
UnScared collects information that your browser sends whenever you visit the UnScared website. This
log file may include information such as your computer's Internet Protocol address, browser type,
browser version, the pages of our website that you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent
on those pages and other statistics. When you register for a profile on the UnScared website and/or
the UnScared application or when you log into such profile, UnScared will process the following
information about you: your username, password and email address. UnScared also processes the
information you provide for your user profile on the website and/or the application, such as: language
choice, profile picture and potential injuries.

When you register for an intro class, a drop-in or when you buy tickets for an event organised by
UnScared, UnScared will process the following information you have provided UnScared with at
registration: your name, email address, phone number and bank details (only when buying tickets).

When you register as a client of UnScared, UnScared will process the following personal information
you have provided UnScared with: your name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth,
gender and bank account details. UnScared will also process some physical information, information
about your health and whether you currently suffer from injuries or have suffered from injuries in the
past after you have provided your explicit consent for the processing of this information.

When you use the services provided by UnScared, UnScared will continue to process the personal
information you provided UnScared with when you registered as a client and the information you
provided for your profile on the website and/or application. In addition, the following information will
also be processed when using the services of UnScared and the website and/or application:
membership number, personal coach, language choice, recorded visits, type of services purchased and
data you entered in the UnScared application such as: data on workouts or events you subscribed for,
personal performance at workouts or events and your (requests for) buddies.

UnScared hasinstalled cameras in and around the UnScared premises. These cameras are installed for
purposes of surveillance, access control, evidence preservation and the security of the people and
goods in our premises and are obviously not installed in locker rooms, showers and/or toilets. It is
possible that you appear on the images recorded by these cameras. UnScared only has access to these
images for a limited amount of time before they are automatically deleted and UnScared only uses
these images when it is strictly necessary.

UnScared processes all communication between UnScared and yourself, such as email
correspondence, client surveys, feedback requests and questions directed to UnScared through the
contact page on our website. These means of communication have either been initiated by yourself
(such as questions referred to us by email) or have been initiated by UnScared after which you have
chosen to provide this information to us (such as completing a client survey).

Social media
The information that you personally enter on social media or that we collect in response to your
reactions to social media statements by UnScared are processed by UnScared. This may include
personal information that you enter on the content page of the relevant platform, such as your email
address, name, address, place of residence or a telephone number.

How do we collect your personal data?

You directly provide UnScared with most of the data we collect. We collect data and process data
when you:
- Use or view the UnScared website via your browser’s cookies;
- Register for, log into and/or add information to an UnScared account on the UnScared website or
- Register online or place an order for any of the services or events offered by UnScared;
- Voluntarily complete a customer survey or provide feedback on any of the (online) message
boards or via email.
- Communicate with UnScared through email, social media or otherwise;
- Appear on surveillance camera images.

UnScared may also receive your data indirectly from the following sources:

- Sportbit Manager, a partner of UnScared who provides UnScared with the UnScared application.
The UnScared application serves as an all-in-one tool for client administration, lesson scheduling,
programming workouts and handling payments;
- Fysiofabriek, a partner of UnScared who provides physiotherapeutic services and who will provide
UnScared with information on the state of your recovery so that you can still participate in the
lessons with alternative exercises;

What is the purpose of processing your personal data?
UnScared collects your personal data for the following purposes:
- Providing you with the services you require;
- Keeping you informed and staying in touch with you;
- Informing you about special offers on other products and services you might like;
- Analysing, reporting and researching on how to improve our services;
- Fulfilling the legal obligations of UnScared;
- Protecting the safety and goods of UnScared, its clients and its visitors;

When UnScared wants to further process your personal information for a purpose other than that for
which the personal information was originally collected then UnScared will provide you with
information on that other purpose and with any relevant further information prior to that further

What is the legal basis for the processing of your personal data?
The GDPR prescribes that UnScared may only process your personal information when it has a legal
basis for such processing. These legal bases are:
- Performance of a contract;
- Consent from a client;
- Compliance with a statutory obligation;
- Protecting vital interests of clients;
- Fulfilment of a task carried out in the public interest or the exercise of a public authority; and
- The pursuit of a legitimate interest.

Execution of a contract
When you book an intro class, register for a drop-in or an event, register as a client or when you use
the services of UnScared, you are requesting a service from UnScared. UnScared relies on the legal
basis of the performance of a contract between UnScared and yourself when providing you with these
services. UnScared needs certain personal information in order to be able to provide the requested
services to you.

Consent from a client
At registration for one of our services, UnScared will request your consent for the following:
appearance on photographic images or video footage created by UnScared, publication of your name
on attendance lists for workouts and events and buddy requests. Any given consent can always be
withdrawn by unticking the relevant box in your profile on the website or in the application or by
sending an email to UnScared will only process your personal information
in accordance with the legal basis of consent if you have provided UnScared with your consent to do
so and you have not withdrawn your consent at that time.

Compliance with statutory obligation of UnScared
UnScared strives to comply with all the rules and regulations which are applicable to UnScared in any
given circumstance. When UnScared is required to process your personal information on the basis of
such statutory obligation, UnScared will comply. An example of such statutory requirement applicable
to UnScared is the obligation of UnScared to withhold wage tax on the remuneration of its staff or the
obligation to charge VAT on the services UnScared provides. UnScared will rely on the legal basis of
compliance with a statutory obligation for any personal information processed in that respect.

Vital interests
When something happens to you during your visit at UnScared pursuant to which you are unable to
take care of your own health and safety, UnScared will rely on the legal basis of protecting your vital
interest when providing your personal information to the relevant emergency services.

Public interest
In the event UnScared needs to process your personal information due to a task carried out in the
public interest or pursuant to the exercise of a public authority, UnScared will do so. This will probably
not occur very often.

Legitimate interest
UnScared may process your personal information for certain legitimate business purposes UnScared
may have, which may include some or all of the following:

- to enhance, modify, personalise or otherwise improve services and/or communications for the
benefit of the clients;
- to identify and prevent fraud;
- to protect the property of UnScared and the clients and to preserve any evidence of offences;
- to enhance the security of our network and information systems;
- to better understand how users interact with our website;
- to provide communications which may be of interest to you;
- to determine the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and advertising.

If one or more of the above is the case, UnScared will rely on the legal basis of its legitimate interest
when processing your personal information. Whenever UnScared processes personal information
based on its legitimate interests, UnScared will ensure that your data protection rights are always kept
in high regard.

When you become a client of UnScared, UnScared may use your personal information to send you
important service notifications, newsletters, information about other UnScared products and services,
special offers from UnScared or from third parties and/or information about other carefully
considered and specific purposes which are in the interest of UnScared in order to enhance the
services provided by UnScared but which will also benefit clients. UnScared may also use your personal
information for research, report and analysis, with the aim of improving our services. The data used
for this purpose is at an aggregated level, which means that the data does not contain information
about individuals but only contains information about specific groups based on usage, age or (new)
membership. You decide whether you want to participate in this or not. If you indicate that you would
prefer not to receive this type of communication anymore then you can unsubscribe at any time by
clicking the unsubscribe button available in these messages or by sending an email to

UnScared has installed cameras in and around the UnScared premises. These cameras are installed for
purposes of surveillance, access control, evidence preservation and the security of the people and
goods in our premises and are obviously not installed in locker rooms, showers and/or toilets. It is
possible that you appear on the images recorded by these cameras. UnScared only has access to these
images for a limited amount of time before they are automatically deleted and UnScared only uses
these images when it is strictly necessary.

Sharing personal information with third parties
First of all: UnScared does not sell or otherwise disclose any personal information of clients to third
parties for their direct marketing activities. Only if UnScared is obliged by law to cooperate with the
authorities, then UnScared will comply after having received an official notice pursuant to which
cooperation is requested. An example would be the situation that the police requests information for
an ongoing criminal investigation.

Please note that UnScared works together with a number of third parties when processing your
personal information. These third parties are carefully selected and will only be engaged after

UnScared has entered into an agreement with them regarding the use and the protection of the
personal information shared with these third parties. The processing of personal information takes
place in cooperation with third parties in the following situations: offering intro classes, regular
classes, drop-ins and other events, registration as a client, buying tickets for events organised by
UnScared, (online) marketing, market research, debt collection, advertising and analysing the
effectiveness of advertisements, web analysis, membership administration, customer service, the use
of the mobile application, management of contact details, management of banking transactions and
secure storage of other (personal) information.
At the moment, UnScared works together with a number of partners mentioned below in order to
process your personal information and/or to improve its services to you:
- SportBit Manager
- Fysiofabriek
- Mailchimp
- Eventbrite
- Calendly
- G Suite (Google)
- Adviesgroep Medische en Vrije Beroepen
- Foscam

Please note that any information or content that you voluntarily disclose directly to third parties or
online of your activities at the UnScared premises or during activities or events organized by UnScared
becomes available to these third parties and/or to the public. Once this happens, that information or
content may be re-shared by others. If you remove information that you have disclosed, copies may
remain viewable in cached and archived pages or if third parties have copied or saved that

How and how long does UnScared store your data?
UnScared securely stores your data and has appropriate technical and organizational security
measures in place to protect personal data against loss, destruction or damage, unauthorized access,
or any other form of unlawful processing of your personal information.

UnScared will keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes for which UnScared
process your personal data and no longer than is necessary and/or permitted by law. The actual
retention period will depend on the type of personal information. Once this time period has expired,
UnScared will delete your personal information or have it anonymized.

What are your data protection rights?
UnScared would like to make sure you are fully aware of all of your data protection rights. Everyone
whose personal information is processed by UnScared is entitled to the following rights:

- The right to access – You have the right to request UnScared for copies of your personal data.
We may charge you a small fee for this service.
- The right to rectification – You have the right to request that UnScared correct any
information you believe is inaccurate. You also have the right to request UnScared to complete
the information you believe is incomplete.
- The right to erasure – You have the right to request that UnScared erase your personal
information, under certain conditions.
- The right to restrict processing – You have the right to request that UnScared restrict the
processing of your personal information, under certain conditions.
- The right to object to processing – You have the right to object to UnScared’s processing of
your personal information, under certain conditions.
- The right to data portability – You have the right to request that UnScared transfer the data
that we have collected to another organization, or directly to you, under certain conditions.
If you make a request, UnScared has one (1) month to respond to you. If you would like to exercise
any of these rights, please contact us at:

Cookies are text files placed on your computer, phone or tablet to collect standard Internet log
information and visitor behaviour information. When you visit our websites, we may collect
information from you automatically through cookies or similar technology. For more information
about cookies, please visit

How do we use cookies?
UnScared uses cookies in a range of ways to improve your experience on our website, including:
- Keeping you signed in;
- Understanding how users use the UnScared website;
- Improving the usability of the UnScared website.

What types of cookies do we use?
There are a number of different types of cookies the UnScared website uses:
- Functionality – UnScared uses these cookies so that we recognize you on our website and
remember your previously selected preferences. These could include what language you prefer
or the location you are in. A mix of first-party and third-party cookies are used.
- Analytical – UnScared uses analytical cookies to improve the UnScared website. With this
information, which is saved anonymously, UnScared can see which pages have the most visits,
which pages deliver error messages, which browser visitors use, etc. In this way, UnScared can
monitor the quality and effectiveness of the website and improve its user-friendliness. UnScared
does not track individual visitors.
- Advertising – UnScared uses these cookies to collect information about your visit to the UnScared
website, the content you viewed, the links you followed and information about your browser,
device, and your IP address. UnScared sometimes shares some limited aspects of this data with
third parties for advertising purposes. UnScared may also share online data collected through
cookies with our advertising partners. This means that when you visit another website, you may
be shown advertising based on your browsing patterns on the UnScared website.
Cookies from third parties are also placed on the UnScared website. The privacy and cookie policy of
these third parties applies to the use of these cookies. Because these policies can change regularly,
UnScared recommend that you consult these privacy and cookie statements regularly. At the moment,
the UnScared website contains cookies from the following third parties:
- Google (
- Mailchimp (
- Joomla (
- Facebook (
- YouTube (

How to manage cookies
You can set your browser to not accept cookies and the abovementioned website
( tells you how to remove cookies from your browser. However, in a few
cases, some of the features of the UnScared website may not function as a result.

Privacy policies of other websites
The UnScared website contains links to other websites. Our privacy policy applies only to the UnScared
website, so if you click on a link to another website, you should read their privacy policy.

Changes to our privacy policy
UnScared keeps its privacy policy under regular review and places any updates on this web page. This
privacy policy was last updated on October 1, 2020.
Because UnScared is a dynamic company in a rapidly developing environment, it is important that
UnScared updates its privacy statement from time to time. UnScared therefore reserve the right to
change this privacy policy at any time. You can always find the most current statement on the
UnScared website. UnScared therefore advises you to visit this page regularly.

How to contact us
If you have any questions about UnScared’s privacy policy, the personal information UnScared hold
on you, or if you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to
contact UnScared at:

How to contact the appropriate authority
Should you wish to report a complaint or if you feel that UnScared has not addressed your concern in
a satisfactory manner, you may contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Authoriteit Persoonsgegevens) by using the following link: